Stable doors

  • AgriDoor Isoplus (inside door)

The AgriDoor Iso-Plus is for indoor use only, and was specially created for intensive use. The door sheet consists of a sandwich panel covered with a plate of high-grade PVC and an extra insulating core on the inside.

Due to its composition, the door is simultaneously very inflexible and easy to manage. In addition, the surface is scratch-proof and produced in one light grey standard colour making it easy to maintain. The wall frame is very strong, made of high-grade stainless steel.

The OmniDoor can be used for indoor and outdoor application. The door sheet has a high-grade, impact-proof polyester fibreglass plate and a core of XPS-insulation on the inside.

Due to its composition, the door is simultaneously very inflexible and light. The wall frame is very strong, just like the door’s sheet frame that is made of high-grade stainless steel. And thanks to XPS insulation, the door offers a very good energy coefficient.

This door always adapts: it swerves inside or outside, to the left or to the right. You can use this door as you wish. The rubber sealing ensures a draught-free space that keeps your energy use down.

You get a door in the shape of an easy to assemble kit. Each kit has a complete pre-assembled door including door handle, rubber sealing and stainless steel attachment material. It doesn’t get any easier.

NEW: also available with stainless steel lock!

NEW: also available as light-door!

For example, to get more light in your stable for animal welfare, we developed the OmniDoor Lucent. The door panel consists of a polycarbonate sheet in opal white. The door is opaque and thus preventing from unauthorized viewing. Picture at the bottom of the page.


  • Features: 
    • left or right use without any adaptation
    • fast installation

    Our doors are available in the following standard sizes: (clear width in brickwork in millimetres)

    750x2000 - 750x2125

    875x2000 - 875x2125 - 875x2375

    1000x2000 - 1000x2125 - 1000x2375

    1250x2000 - 1250x2125

    Apart from these standard dimensions, we can also provide any other desired dimension.

  • Options: 

    The doors are available as single door, double door and sliding door.

    AgriDoor Isoplus inside doors come in grey as standard colour. White is also available.

    OmniDoor outside doors come in white (RAL 9016) as standard colour. Brown (RAL 8014) and green (RAL 6009) are also easily available. Apart from these colours, we can have painted any other RAL-colour on your OmniDoor.

    Some possible options:

    • plexiglass window 600x300
    • double glass window 710x710
    • alu air vent 400x200
    • alu air vent 600x400
    • adjustable air inlet
  • Corrosion-free
  • Water resistant
  • Insulating
  • Quick installation